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How To Prepare and Cut Coriander

Dawat Indian Meal Kit Coriander

An Indian meal is not complete without a good helping of fresh coriander. Your Dawat Indian Meal Kit will be accompanied with fresh coriander.

Remove the coriander from any packaging.

Using a suitably sized bowl, fill the bowl with enough cold water to soak and submerge the coriander. This will bolster and reinvigorate the coriander.

Allow it to soak for a few minutes before rinsing the coriander to remove any residue soil/dirt. Place on kitchen paper and gently rub dry.

You need to make use of all the coriander, the stalks are packed with flavour and are often discarded. Resulting on waste and missing out on maximising the flavours to your dish.

Cut your coriander bunch in half and merge together, using a sharp knife, commence cutting from one end, carefully working towards cutting all the coriander into your desired size.